There are some caveats when working with Norm that you need to consider and strategies to work around them.

Managing Data for Many-to-Many Relationships

Support for Many-To-Many relationships has not yet been fully reached. You will have to set-up and manage the necessary "glue"-models yourself as if they were regular models.

Fetching data for more complex Many-To-One/Many-To-Many relationships

If you have multiple Many-To-X relationships that you want to query at once, you will need to make separate queries for each relationship. To keep the data together, you can make a new object-type that acts as a container for all the various queries. In this case, we add a Employee to the mix. We still want the data of the Producer, but now on top of the data of all their Products we also want all of their Employees. You can do this in a total of 3 queries (2 if you combine this with the previous approach, though this might be harder to maintain):

  std / json

  norm / [model, sqlite]

  Producer = ref object of Model
    name: string

proc newProducer(name = ""): Producer =
  Producer(name: name)

  Product = ref object of Model
    name: string
    producedBy: Producer

proc newProduct(name = ""; producedBy = newProducer()): Product =
  result = Product(name: name, producedBy: producedBy)

let dbConn = open(":memory:", "", "", "")
var alex = newProducer("Alex")
var firstClassSpaghetti = newProduct("The best spaghetti", alex)
  Employee = ref object of Model
    name: string
    employer: Producer

proc newEmployee(name = ""; employer = newProducer()): Employee =
  result = Employee(name: name, employer: employer)

var steff = newEmployee("Steff", alex)
  ProducerContainer = object
    producer: Producer
    products: seq[Product]
    employees: seq[Employee]

var producer: Producer = newProducer()
var products: seq[Product] = @[newProduct()]
var employees: seq[Employee] = @[newEmployee()], " = ?",, "producedBy = ?",, "employer = ?",
let producerContainer = ProducerContainer(producer: producer,
    products: products, employees: employees)
echo %*producerContainer
{"producer":{"name":"Alex","id":1},"products":[{"name":"The best spaghetti","producedBy":{"name":"Alex","id":1},"id":1}],"employees":[{"name":"Steff","employer":{"name":"Alex","id":1},"id":1}]}